竟然有人和校友打内战还开挂,挂!!!!!!!!!!!!!!记得他桌子上还摆着76的手办,估计是个老玩家… QQ上好像签名还是什么恕己恕人,不要着急… MAN~,挂!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

re-bench 80kg 5*5

30kg Dumebell shoulder press


Third time finding the greatness of Deerhunter

在我幼儿园的时候,有一次我和几个同学被关小黑屋,我直接崩溃了,一直在哭… 和我一起被关的小孩就一点都不害怕,爬上爬下的,说,奥特曼回来救他…其实我也知道奥特曼会来救我(估计是迪迦或者泰罗),我只是考虑到奥特曼来地球太远了,而且只能在地球待3分钟,所以可能他来到的时候,我就已经被饿死在小黑屋了…

wanna watch Euphoria in Uni-library…

I want my strength back…

Life only starts getting better, when I wear Crocs all day…with no socks

I told you Kendrick Lamar is genius once-in-a-decade, maybe two

bro gotten sentimental

I got no patience on 大创,because I thought I did a good job at the start, and then they ranked me very low, so I didn’t want touch it again…
I promise I will write a good dissertation… ed

Alphonse Pierre doesn’t deserve a column

The Nirvana shirt I’ve worn for 5 years

如果 糖是唐
那么 唐完了就是甜完了
所以 用头撞我就是冲过来拥抱 and call it sugar rush

found some posts saying Twin Fantasy is gay… I only had one kinda serious listening to Twin Fantasy… Back then, I didn’t notice anything too gay for me. Actually, I barely noticed the whole lyricism(by the way, I have listened to Teens of Denial for a lot of times, that one totally not gay)… So today, I was cycling to a mall while trying to figure out if Twin Fantasy is as they say(it’s a great riding album, by the way)… And oh shit, It’s super super gay…………..Another weird theory goes true(now i find his tumblr, def gay)

On the rap beef, I knew Drake definitly gonna play dirty, but I wasn’t expect Kendrick Lamar would be dirtier(but still good moves, good tactic)


SB Apple Music(fucking monopoly corp), ten days waiting for ur list? who cares ur list???




Spending 5 hours to catch up with the progress of Insurance Experimental Course… Having the first full-tracks listen to Spiderland, meanwhile
Lives Outgrown this time



期末复习了 dying…

Dark Times is a unique listening experience

I hit Overwatch platinum ranking literally 7 years ago, I’m still here…

Favorite lines in May

As the day must have its sun
And the night must have its moon
Sure as both must rise and fall
I’ll be there to see you through
Just as long as there is time
I will never leave your side
And if ever that you feel
That my love is not sincere
I will never betray my heart
I will never betray my heart
I will never betray my heart
——Betray My Heart · D’Angelo

Get back now
Here comes my baby
Tough and rumble man with a little bit danger
I-I-I-I can’t believe that he’s with me
He’s everything I need
My sexy little angel
I ooh
I ooh
I ooh
I I I I ooh
——Mood Ring · Dehd