Excercise for half a year

crash ~ crack ~ cost ~ crush

bench 80kg 5*5 before April


Dune 2 is fascinating

Kisses in dream are always chill

My English listening is looking for satori


Favorite lines in March

A miracle to cut me slack
So are you looking up
Are you asking why
If you wanna go
Then baby go wide
Yeah I can shift shapes
But I can’t deny
——Are You Looking Up · Mk.gee

Don’t say So you’re from China do you know my friend Hiro
Say You must be blind not to see the difference
——Esperanto · Charlotte Adigéry/BOLIS PUPUL

The temple’s gone but still a single column stands today
That sinking feeling fades but never really go away
A staircase up to nothingness inside your DNA
Well that’s a bleak sunrise
——Classical · Vampire Weekend

If we stand out in some wild city streets
Dodging every car every thief and disease
Catching tiny crumbs in the heartless breeze
Say we’re tough as nails
Say we’re both naive
——Evil Spawn · Waxhatchee