my s key died almost


pelvic tilt(may not)


I think my university lost its capacity…


The reason why I didn’t reply your messages

中国移动 is an evil company

Excited to top up 200¥ in 方中山 cuz of the 50% rebate,but turns out it’s only available on 2nd of every month.


最近刷了好多人民的名义的视频,我忽然想起来高中学的 史观historiography 这个词,确实每个人都能用好几种史观看待历史或者故事。我有点想不明白的是很多时候我都只想看故事,(不过我平等地讨厌剧里所有人(电视剧天生是“唯物”的吗?)),很少的时候我才会想用一种辩证的史观看问题。这可能就是rude empiricism,我是troubled loser。

the first Demi-God

March 22

Pitchfork will be integrated into GQ, first time I feel this brand is falling apart.


The second best game I’ve ever played1

my only wish

We shall record a set of Melina’s voice as navigation voice

Can’t buy any games, until you finish all the games you bought in 2023!!!


First playthrough————Stellar Century


Favorite lines in January

Been searching for your eyes
All I see is blue skies
And the old man beats his cane
It’s time to leg go
Leaning on windowsill
You cauld write me, and I bet you will
We could see the sadness as a gift and still
The seasons go so fast
Thinking that this one was gonna last
Maybe the question was too much to ask
You and I could see into the same eternity
Every second brimming with majesty
——Sadness As a Gift · Adrianne Lenker

Since I left you
I found a world so new
——Since I Left You · The Avalanches

I got that energizer
That freakalizer
You got that tranquilizer
That frequalizer
I got that
——Freakalizer · Sudan Archives

The rollercoaster ride
The rollercoaster ride
Of all the trouble kept her inside
Of all the trouble kept her inside
——Rollercoaster · Belle & Sebastian

I’m hideous
Feeling my fantasy
Turned from God
Slick with rot
Thick as vaseline
——Ugly Season · Perfume Genius

  1. Photo by Frans Bouma