61520 steps, April 5, 2024, new peak!!


今天下午做了个梦,梦到我要去一个叫“北二”的楼,梦里的世界莫名其妙的和我现实中的宿舍楼对应上,但是完全不一样,天气特别阴暗,我要先经过南苑,南苑也是空空的,鬼气十足,我在南苑被一个长得像黑百合的女特工打了一顿,然后不知怎么躲进了一栋医院,在医院的楼梯向上走的时候,一群穿着同样白衣服的小孩子涌着冲出来。然后到了北二,北二像一座破旧的日本寺庙的主楼,最后我好像带着一些粘稠的红色液体在尼泊尔村庄(一张OW游戏地图),并且这里是一个战场,敌人正在准备从一个类似鸟居的地方出来。有一个意识告诉我,我得把手里的红色液体点燃,然后一些东西会从燃烧的液体里生出来,这是我唯一能做的事情,在我慌里慌张地把粘液点燃的时候,从四面八方飘过来一阵猩红色的毒雾,我知道自己肯定是要死在这里了,在梦里快要被吓死了,我记得我赶紧想一下爸妈,然后就没命了。。。游戏地图那部分有点搞笑,但是我真的有一种一个人在战场的感觉,而且是要死在那了。。。 我爱和平

Cutting finished!!!


soon there is nothing higher



I start to feel ye is really a special Kanye album



If my eyes are crooked, the world holds no fun then.

Washed my face in cold water this afternoon, I did feel summer coming



I just love The New Pornographers’ hilarious - smart - geeky Power pop songs


Shoegaze being translated as 自赏 is shitty, 盯鞋 is obviously better

给这个月的Cover Story挑个封面真是个难事捏。。。 刚才突发奇想找一个 为美好世界献上祝福 的剧照当封面,但是效果不好

帮一个朋友跑数据,挣300,可是把我累死了,花了我大概70个小时; 教另一个朋友健身,4节课挣260, Goddamn that’s much easier

《三国演义》 里曹操杀吕伯奢全家那一段太逆天了,整本小说里我最受不了的一段

Bubble Gum is way better than Magnetic(就是既视感太强了)


Favorite lines in April

The tune you’ll be humming forever
All the words are replaced and wrong
With a shower of yes and whatevers
You traded me away long gone
For the love of God you say
Not a letter from an occupant
Hu hu hu hu hu hu hu hu hu hu hu
Hu hu hu hu hu hu hu hu hu
——Letter From An Occupant · The New Pornographers

Oh my love was it all in vain
We always wanted money now the money’s not the same
In a quiet moment at the theater I could feel your pain
Deep inside the city your memory remains
Mary Boone Mary Boone
I’m on the dark side of your room
Mary Boone Mary Boone
Well I hope you feel like loving someone soon
——Mary Boone · Vampire Weekend

Cold beer and ice cream is all we keep
The only things we really need
‘Cause I like dessert and alcohol
And watching as you get
Drunk and you’re stumbling in the hall
So whenever you want me I’ll be around
I’m a bullet in a shotgun waiting to sound
So whenever you want me I’ll be around
I’m a bullet in a shotgun waiting to sound
——Shotgun · Soccer Mommy

The whole world is dying
Don’t it seem like good time for swimming
Before all the water disappears
Now our love is dying
Don’t it seem like a good time for kissing
——Donut Seam · Adrianne Lenker

Desert ground so cold and clean
Spreading out like a magazine
Reading the dirt like gossip
What do the weeds say
They say
“Everything everything everything falls through”
Each dimension breaks in two
Like the two hands clapping
Like the two wings flapping
Everything everything everything for free
As it all eventually
Turns to dust and petal
Molten rock and meadow
Time escaping
Time escaping
——Time Escaping · Big Thief

Angst Glide

Ok, now I see the “thing” that drives me slightly mad as I click to watch 月がきれい. I have watched it like for 30 seconds, 呃. It’s somehow a poignant anime for me. For the record, my highschool life isn’t that sad and regretful, honestly, it’s okay. Nothing in my memory of that time could make me feel this way. Something I don’t want it darker.